I Love Marketing!

The I love marketing model is designed to help students and marketing practitioners have a useful tool to remember and master key marketing concepts. If you cant remember it, you can’t apply it.

Please watch 2 short  videos here. They were made many years ago, but the principles still apply until today.


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The most recent updated version of this model, I Love Marketing, 21st Century Edition  can be found here…

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Evolving Excellence!

ZYX vs ABC vs MBO Marketing

Management by Objectives.


Something I  heard a long, long time ago. Familiar but frequently overlooked in the world of business.

Back to Basics or ABC or 101 is another  common management rah-rah. But have you ever heard of ZYX?

Z. Start With the End in Mind. Describe in detail the outcome that you want.  Where possible, be SMART with Z. Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Timebound. This is parallel to the O in MBO.

Y. Why is Z important and a must? Compellling reasons why failing to reach Z is not acceptable.

X. How to get to your Z (there are many ways, and there are many unexpected obstacles; But if the Z is clear and the reasons Y are strong enough… then choosing which option to follow is easier…)

Leaders think ZYX while followers still think ABC.

Are you ready to be a leader?

Watch this! (An on-line class session with MBA students taking the Marketing Management class of VCoach Bong last May 14 2020. Recorded via Zoom.)

Here is the presentation in slides…

Ingat! Para Safe, Paracetamol: Biogesic

If I was asked what is my favorite medical brand, my top of mind answer would be Biogesic. This is because Biogesic’s use “Ingat” as a clear, compelling differentiator of the brand.

Para Safe Pacetamol Biogesic Ingat Pic

Before the first commercial which used this idea pattern, paracetamol was promoted as the world’s safest pain reliever. Proof: even pregnant women can take it. No drowsiness. No danger of overdose. But that was a long story that only very few can relate to. Then this:

The sound transition and familiarity from paracetamol, para safe was a good starting point. But translating this to Ingat!- magical!

And friends from the pharma industry tell me that the manufacturing line of Biogesic is exactly the same as the generic paracetamol. All they do is change the packing label, and the price that people are willing to buy it for is 10x.

Nine years of ingat? Biogesic Ingat campaign started 2007 and lasted at least 8- 9 years with John Lloyd Cruz.
Details here…

John Lloyd, and nine years of ‘Ingat’

What’s the secret. Click here…

‘What’s the secret to a revenue-rich and profitable product portfolio?’

As you probably know, John Lloyd’s star power has taken a huge tumble because of his personal issues. This is why, the Biogesic campaign moved on to a different theme without him…

The most recent communication, dropped the Ingat and used Alagang Biogesic.
Sa sakit ng ulo at lagnat, Paracetamol (Biogesic)! Ang galing ng #AlagangBiogesic


The youtube post by UNILAB indicated that this was aired from July 13, 2019 to February 12, 2020

See the difference AND the consistency?

Might also be informative to see how the same company, UNILAB, used to advertise (communicate) Biogesic and its other over the counter brands in the 1990s…

Biogesic – With The World’s Safest Pain Reliever
Medicol – For Headache, Fever and Flu
Enervon – A Part of Every Great Moment!
Neozep – The Total Cold Specialist
Revicon – Ito Ang Kumpleto!

Create Your Personal Brand Logo and Positioning

Now you know you are a brand- a personal brand with your name on it. And to you and your loved ones, you are the most important brand in the world.

Want to be a great brand that stands out from the rest?

The following case study shows the steps to develop and reinvent your personal brand.

At the very minimum, you should have an original brand logo. Think of the greatest brands in the world: Apple, Google, Nike- what do they all have? A brand logo! The logo should mean something that is both connected to the brand essence and relevant to its target market.

Often, adding heart and soul to the logo is accomplished by complementing it with a brand promise or slogan- McDonald’s? Love ko to… Nike? Just Do it! VCoach? Serves!

A few years ago, using the “Paint” program in Windows, I made my personal brand logo. The logo was a result from a story about what I believe in and what I do…

If you missed the lecture, or want to review the lecture with audio, watch it in  you-tube!

If you prefer slides to video, here is the slideshare version….

Can you change brand logos somehere down the road? Of course! So simply dive in and the real personal brand with your name on it will come out.

Below is a picture of  my brand logo, brand and brand positioning.  You dont need to show the story like I did in my own logo development.  For this part of the exercise, just make a brand logo and a brand positioning mantra.


Sample Picture

The key objectives of this brand logo/ mantra exercise are:

1. Make students aware that they are professional/personal brands that can succeed or fail like any other brand and that it is their urgent and personal responsibility to make their personal brands more successful using marketing principles

2. Inspire students to align their professional and personal brands to what they want it to be in the future (vision/mission), and not be limited by what they are doing or where they are right now.

3. Make students determine their unli-rice that 1 thing that differentiates us in a customer- relevant and superior way vs our peers and competitors in the minds of our target customers,

The key messages from the coach to the students are:

1. The most important brand in the world is YOUR brand as your brand has the largest impact on your quality of life (and the lives of the people who are affected by your brand’s success or failure).

2. Marketing principles that are applied to common brands like Colgate, Ateneo or President Duterte , Trump or Aquino also apply to your personal brand.

3. The time to start building and adding equity in your personal brand is NOW. Just like what I did to my brand, You can choose to adjust the various elements of the brand in the future.

To create your brand positioning/ mantra  please select a combination of Pls. follow the Adjective, Noun, Your Name, Verb. 

Samples of Adjective- Noun- Name-Verb combinations

Unli Rice Mang Inasal Eats

Vision-Driven Coach Bong Serves

Adventurous Creatives Reyn Delivers

By the way, I strongly recommend you create the logo in Paint or similar program. Then you can insert the logo in a Powerpoint file. Once all the brand elements are on the Powerpoint slide, then click (Save as, Other Formats, JPEG) and voila, you have a picture that you can upload on FB.

In case there are problems with posting on-line, dont panic or worry. We shall resolve this during the class discussions. Just have your logo ready to be projected during the discussion.

Love At First Sight- Going Beyond Time and Space

This video was used as a marketing and sales tool by Prudential Financial.

I first saw this in 2010. Like all great stories, this has survived the test of time, the constraints of language and the clutter of the modern world.

What lessons from this can you apply to your personal and professional brand?



01 Defining Marketing for the 21st Century: COSLA

Marketing Concepts are best learned when concepts are synthesized and recent local applications are used.

So COSLA means- COncept Synthesis and Local Application

Templates enable students to create professional, powerful business presentations based on how to tell a good business story as inspired by Steve Jobs. When the form is taken care of, the only battle is in the content. View and download the COSLA template below…

This COSLA template is used in the Marketing Management classes of Prof. Bong De Ungria of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business and the University of the Philippines  Virata School of Business.

The latest evolution of the COSLA execution is a video output uploaded on Youtube.

Here is a demo on how to do it…

Demo video uploaded on YouTube

Before a video is made, it is best practice to create the presentation in powerpoint.

Another COSLA format used in other classes has 3 Parts: Concepts, Applications and Video/ Audience Participation.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3